The beginning
Meri-Lou was inspired by my own personal experience of becoming a mother.

A few years ago I shared some photos on social media of our vintage family crib and after sharing I received a lot of questions about it.
I thought it would be so great to allow others to enjoy such a beautiful and unique item and such an item wasn’t on the market yet.

The desire to have our vintage family crib go into production was huge and I couldn’t wait to sell it.
The cradle would become part of a small collection of interior accessories.

However, the cradle should obviously meet current safety requirements, and although it is also mandatory, I believe this is also very important.
What I came across, was, that applying these strict measures became a very difficult and time-consuming process.
The model of the crib had to be changed significantly to meet the strict requirements and this took away the charm of the crib.
I decided to left the cradle for what it was.

I really wanted to have the other interior accessories produced and so I decided to continue.
It would be a shame if I didn’t release the items in a collection, I thought they were too good to keep to myself.

A good addition
With a number of beautiful, international brands already on the market, I also noticed that there was a craving for innovation.
A renewed collection with its own style.
A new label. More choice for the consumer.
And so it happened.

Design and collection
I design all items myself and they are produced by factories in India and Indonesia, with which I have a good cooperation.
The items are handmade and they are sophisticated, contemporary, unique, and they have a vintage feel.

What great is that the Meri-Lou collection can be combined well with various modern interior styling and can be placed in all areas of the house.
I cannot wait to expand the collection and my head worked overtime with new ideas.

Production and environment
Meri-Lou’s items are handmade by the local adult population of the factories in countries where our presence can make a difference.
The employment that Meri-Lou provides in producing the items provides bread on the shelf for many families.
To minimize emissions into the environment, I make sure that the items are shipped in one go as much as possible from the factory.
I try to avoid plastic packaging and prefer to use paper and cardboard to protect our beloved environment.

About me
In the past I have worked for a long time as a visual merchandiser in retail and as a freelance interior and photo stylist.
Creating is what I like to do.
With my husband and two sons (Fimme and Fender) we live in Hoorn, a beautiful, old town in North Holland.
Besides my family, I love a sunny spring, white chocolate raisins and dancing with friends.

The items of our collection can be ordered from our retailers, click here for an overview of our beloved partners.

Thank you for reading my story and let me hear from you, feel free, you’re welcome!

Laurien | Meri-Lou Living